And Furthermore

Judi Dench (as told to John Miller) / 2010

St. Martin's Press / ISBN

Once, while in make-up to play one of her favorite character roles, she overheard two young theatre
neophytes whispering upstage, "She used to play Juliet, you know." (gasp) "You're JOKING!"

Ah, yes, she has played them all, silly whippersnappers...
Juliet, Titania (as both young and old), Bond's "M" and queens of all eras.
Just read this book and be amazed at what one actress can accomplish.

There is nothing under the sun she cannot do, from sing leads in musicals (Cabaret, A Little Night Music)
to nearly everything ever written by Shakespeare.... this lady has a CV!

And if she hasn't done it yet, she will.

Just wait and see...

dimensions: 9.3 x 6.2 x 1.3 in / 1.2 lb / 288 pages

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