Automatic Vaudeville:
Essays On Star Turns

John Lahr / 1984

Heinemann / ISBN 0394529766

I bought this book because I'd enjoyed Notes On A Cowardly Lion
so much, but shame on you, John Lahr! You've misrepresented yourself.

Ignore the title - this book has nothing to do with vaudeville except
that one entry (Noel Coward) actually performed in it during his youth.
Barring that, it is a collection of articles John Lahr wrote on various
personalities from Walt Whitman to Joe Orton (ouch!) and one real lulu
appropriately named "Hog Heaven" about Dallas. (31 pages. Can the ham.)

dimensions: 8.5 x 6 x 1 in / 1 lb / 241 pages

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