Mr. Fresh and the Supreme Rockers
Show You How To Do It!

Mr. Fresh and the Supreme Rockers / 1984

Avon / ISBN 0380881535

Another "Book of the Day", in this case the 1980s.

I was nearing forty when this book came out and ferrying
my Shasta College dance students to Berkeley on field trips for
classes at Shawl-Anderson and then performances on the UC campus.

Breakdancing! Just what my aging body didn't need but just what
my students wanted. I bit the bullet and arranged for a master class
with one stipulation: No Head Spins! I figured the 20+ years of
dumping Clairol on my roots had done my brain enough damage.

Lo and behold I had as much fun as my students -- even surprising
myself by pulling off a back roll out of nowhere. Amazing things can
can happen to you when the right music gets your body moving.

This book has all the ticks, pops and locks of that era, with easy-
to-follow silouettes that guide you through each movement. The jazz
dancing of today still uses all of these, so they will never go out
of style -- just as all the former dance "fads" have found themselves
recycled into other generations' dances.

dimensions: 7.7 x 5.1 x 0.4 in / : 4 oz / 128 pages

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