Gore Videl:
A Biography

Fred Kaplan

Doubleday / ISBN 0385477031 (1999)

Only Fred Kaplan would have the guts to take on the slimy,

perilously unstable snake called Gore Videl.

That the subject was a genius, no one will argue. Talent?

Tons of it, nearly as much as the alcohol he fueled it with.
A life of privilege, political connections, entry to famous figures of the arts?

Check and double-check.

Did he (Gore) ever "tell all"... or as much as possible in his own impossible style?

Oy Vey!

Fred Kaplan, I've always been an admirer of yours but never more than after reading this book.
Only you could have pulled it off. There was once a famous theatrical review

about whether or not you could pull clean water from a dirty well.... 

Rest in the peace you never sought on Earth, Gore.


(Afternote: In Vidal's last writings he would repudiate this book, but Gore was always a master of varying moods.)

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