Life On A Pogo Stick:
Autobiography of a Comedian

Ken Murray / 1960

Holt, Rinehart & Winston / ASIN: B002UBOEA4

If given a choice of reading a biography of a comedian or an autobiography, always go for the autobiography.
Agreed, you may be getting a highly opinionated view of events, but you'll get no sob stories. A biographer will
throw out all the dirty laundry and say, "Look what made this poor slob the jerk he became" but the character
in question will only remember funny stories. The heartbreaks? Blips on the screen. Nothing worth remembering.

Ken Murray's writing has got to be his own here, don't even suspect a ghostwriter. This is a man who not only wrote
his own comic material but that of half his friends in show business as well. And he had a life that covered the Golden
Age of Vaudeville, radio, early television... you name it. And he knew Everybody. You can't put his book down.

Sour note: so many names and events -- but no index!

dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1 in / weight: 1.4 lb / volume: 180 pages

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