Vaudeville Turns With A
Fachon and Marco Dancer

Reva Howitt Clar (edited by Mimi Melnick) / 2002

Scarecrow Press, Inc. / ISBN 081084186X

I knew from the minute I read the description of this book I'd enjoy it, and I was right.
How could I have been wrong when she lived the life I've always imagined... dancing in
vaudeville, touring the country and playing the Palace?

Reva Howitt Clar grew up on the West Coast and worked for the famed brother-sister producers,
Fanchon and Marco. Luckily for us she kept a diary and wrote home almost daily, so between
old letters and diary entries she and her daughter were able to put together an amazing
chronicle of vaudeville touring in the 1920s.

A nit-picking item on the index... it isn't complete. Somewhere in there she opened on a bill
with Trixie Friganza, and I put a bookmark in there, marking the spot as I was reading to
remind me to make a note on my "Vaudeville Acts" page for that performer. Later I dropped
the book and lost the bookmark. "No problem," I thought smugly, "There's an index!" Wrong!
Trixie Friganza was not listed, and, although I spent an hour scanning pages in the area
where I'd seen her name, I've still not found it. Checking a few "one time only" names made
me realize the index was a hit-or-miss listing, mostly for high-profiles.

But that is truly nit-picking and the over-all pleasure of reading the book shames me to write it.

dimensions: 5.8 x 1.1 x 8.8 in / weight: 1.2 lb / volume: 320 pages

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