Making Musicals:
An Informal Introduction to the World of Musical Theatre

Tom Jones

Limelight Editions /ISBN 0879100958 (1998)

Just for the record, I think Tom Jones is a genuis.

No, not just because he personally autographed my book
(perhaps a little) but because his Fantasticks
was my Masters production and I will never understand
how such magic came to be. If he sold his soul to the
the devil, he made a very good deal.

His book tries to help you understand the basics behind
the magic, and it does that extremely well. If this is
something you really want to do with your life, learn from
the best. Just don't expect to understand where the real
magic comes from. It can't be found on a printed page.

dimensions: 5.5 x 0.5 x 8.5 inches / weight: 1 lb. / volume: 190 pages

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