New York Public Library
Performing Arts Desk Reference

MacMillan / 0671799126 (1994)

It may be nearly as far across the country from me as possible (San Bernardino, CA to New York City)
but at least I know it is there. A five-hour flight from LAX and all these wonders of the performing
arts can be at my disposal... a truly comforting thought!

Actually, I have been to this section of hallowed ground for theatre historians once already, when I
was a graduate student.Unfortunately, I was in NYC for a Dance Masters convention at the time and my
schedule was booked with classes all day and tickets for shows every night. I think when I finally
found the library I had only an hour to spend in the Performing Artssection and realized that, as
in most libraries, if there is something special you'd like to see you'd better arrange ahead of time.

Black-and-white silent film footage of the original Fancy Free ballet cast was in storage and
when I was able make it back to NYC years later, strangely unavailable. (Can't help but suspect
Jerome Robbins on that one.) But what is there could keep me higher than any drug for days on end,
and I hope to make a dream trip of personal discovery there soon.

dimensions: 7 1/2 x 10 1/4 in / weight: 2 lb / volume: 424 pages

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