Sister Carrie

Theodore Dreiser / (1970 edition)

Norton Critical Edition / ISBN 0393043258

Although a work of fiction, this book gives a fascinating look at "turn-of-the-century" (1900)
Chicago and New York, especially the theatre world which the lead character takes up as a profession.
Theodore Dreiser was on the scene and his descriptions of the places and people sound like a friend's tales
of the good old days. And imagine a friend who knew his way around 14th Street and Broadway of that time!

I highly recommend the Norton Critical Edition because it has everything you could ever want to know
about the book, the author, the publication, the times, etc. etc. There are copies of reviews, letters
to the publisher... you can't begin to list everything this book contains. You'll not only read an
exceptional work of fiction, by the time you turn the last page you'll know everything about it.

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