Winter Season
- A Dancer's Journal -

Toni Bentley / 1982

Random House / ISBN 0394525477

There is a new, updated version of this book and I'm sorry but I don't have it.
Maybe it's because I've spent so much time in the dance world and can feel
her words echoing back at me...

pg. 16:
"Funny how I adore all those lovely 'pretty things' called dancers, whose
bodies and faces are so sculpted and graceful, but the fact that I am
such a creature means nothing to me.

We are hairless. We have no leg hair, no pubic hair, no armpit hair,
no neck hair and only a solid little lump at the top of our heads.
Any sign of stubble must be closely watched for and removed.

That is not all. We don't eat food, we eat music...
We live on faith, belief, love, insipation, vitamins and Tab."


(In my own dance time, I used to get through the day on 8 cans of Tab and 16 Excederin.)

volume: 150 pages

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