Xavier Roberts Presents:
Little People Pals

Xavier Roberts / 1982

Plaid Enterprises Inc. / ASIN: B0013DVYL2

Stuffed dolls, you think? Props, people!
Or, better yet, a youth theatre project.

If you have a group of kids and need a
creative project, go to a discount fabric
store and raid their remnants box for a few
dollars. Spread out the solid flesh-tones
first (pinks through browns, etc.) and let
everyone make a doll (very simple) that matches
themselves. THEN bring out the flashy colors and
let the kids start making some costume designs!

How about a production with over-sized
versions of the dolls as characters?

There are so many possibilities in this book!

dimensions: 8.4 x 5.8 x 0.7 in. / weight: 12.6 oz / volume: 32 pages

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