The Man Who Invented Show Business

Ethan Mordden

St. Martin's Press / ISBN 0312375433 (2008)

Of course it's an over-statement to say that the great
Flo Ziegfeld invented show business. All of us who love
reading about theatre history will immediately start
throwing in names dating back to the ancient Greeks.
(And please, let's not forget P.T. Barnum!!)

But Flo was in a class by himself. Several may have tried
to imitate his formula for success, but nobody had the
charisma, the guts, or the sheer love of theatrical magic
that he did. (Especially when it included semi-naked lovely women.)

dimensions: 6.1 x 1.1 x 9.2 in. / weight: 1.3 lb.s / volume: 352 pages

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