The Artist's Dream

Harmanus Bleecker Hall / Albany, NY / 1890

- enlargement of (retouched) cast list -

The review of a charity performance of The Artist's Dream in the May 25, 1895
San Francisco Call describes the production as a "pantomime," which in Victorian
theatrical language did not mean "a play without words" but rather a fairy-tale production
consisting largely of song, dance, special effects, and impressive sets and costumes.

Note: Albany may not be New York City and Harmanus Bleecker Hall may not be a legitimate Broadway
house, but I've always been so charmed by this little 1890 memento of a "juvenile drama" - and the thought of
poor Professor A.G. Graves directing over one hundred children (having been a drama instructor myself) that
I couldn't help but give him the entitlement I'm sure he never received in life.

(Actual single-sheet program measures 9 1/2"x 11 3/4")

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