A Choreographer's Workshop

Laney College / Oakland, CA / May 2, 1971

These mimeographed pages were difficult to read on the day of the performance, and in the the 35 years to the date of scanning have faded beyond repair.
Page one looks nearly blank to the naked eye, and only by intensifying the contrast was I able to bring up any of the text.

My main purpose in attending the performance was to see the Rec Russel company, so my memory is limited to those dances. Bus Stop was a charming character
sketch of people waiting for a bus (Rec Russel was the "driver" who picked them up at last), and the Tribal Movements (music by Carlos Santana) was "Jingo."
This number is still flitting around in my head today.

Rec Russel was a dancer, teacher and choreographer well above the common herd. My classes with him were a joy. I would leave my home at 5 am to be in Berkeley by
8 am for his Saturday morning classes - a 200 mile drive - and consider myself lucky to be there at all. If I could go back in time, that's where I'd be.

Where are you, Rec?

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