Lola Montes / 1969

Red Bluff, CA / Community Concert Series

The performance was nearly an hour late, and the company of dancers hadn't even arrived. Suddenly the back door
of the gymnasium/theatre in the small town burst open and Lola Montes came rushing down the center aisle, apologizing
profusely to the waiting audience members. Their car had been stuck in the snow coming over the mountains from their
last performance, but they would hurry into their costumes and do their very best for all these people who had waited
so patiently. With no time to warm up, hardly time to dress, they were on stage. I'm sure it wasn't their best performance,
but in a small town where each Community Concert (especially those with dance) are looked forward to with wild
anticipation, Lola Montes and her company were given a standing ovation. I know... I was there.