B.F. Keith's Vaudeville

Indianapolis / 1913

B.F.Keith's Indianapolis Vaudeville Program for Tuesday, May 6, 1913

The Yellow Peril

This clipping shows a production of an imagined war between Japan and the United States,
nearly thirty years before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Also on the bill : Gus Van and Joe Schenck, a song-and comedy duo, Elphye Snowden and Earl Bendham
with a song-and dance act, James F. Leonard and Clara Whitney with the popular Duffy's Rise,
Monroe Hopkins and Lola Axtell with a street car comedy, singer Ethel Mac Donouogh, trick
bicyclists "The Three Audreys" and an animal act, "Zertho's Dogs."

The kinetophones (movies) were "The Tenderfoot's Temperance Pledge" and "The Singing Society."

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