The Girl Who Took the Wrong Turning

British silent film / 1915

A squire's nephew frames his disowned cousin for murder and lures his wife's sister into vice.

Director: Leedham Bantock / Writer: Walter Melville (play) / Directed by Leedham Bantock

Cast (in credits order)

Harry Lonsdale ... James Harcourt (as Henry Lonsdale)
Alice Belmore ... Sophie Coventry
Nina Lyn ... Vesta Le Clere (as Nina Lynn)
Ronald Adair ... Willie Mason
Mercy Hatton ... Lucy Coventry
Wingold Lawrence ... Jack Fenton
Andrew Emm ... Johnny Walker
Sydney Sarl ... Bill Slater (as Sidney Sarl)
Eva Dare ... Poppy Slater
C.F. Collings ... Richard Fenton

(Actual card measures 5 1/4 x 3 1/4")

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