Colonial Theatre / Boston / 1943

Claudia was a very successful comedy on Broadway, playing at the
Booth Theatre (February 12, 1941 - March 7, 1942), then reopening at the
St. James Theatre, (May 24, 1942 - November 8, 1942) and finally making its
last run at the Forrest Theatre (November 8, 1942 - January 9, 1943) for a
total of 722 performances in three theatres between February 1941 and January 1943.

This program is from the 1943 national tour, with only two members of the original Broadway cast missing
(Dorothy McGuire as "Claudia" and John Williams as "Jerry".)

(Although there are many Colonial Theatres and the location isn't listed,
I know it's from the Boston Colonial Theatre by matching the fire escape
plans to those from another program in the same theatre.)

- Phyllis Thaxter -

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