Fresh Ink

Blue Room Theatre; Chico, CA / June 2015

Fresh Ink, full company:

Front Row (sitting, left to right): Delisa Bunrstadt, Fonz Godinez, Tom Kinnee

Middle Row: Francesca Aguilar, Spencer Gosslin, Lara Tenckoff, Philomena Block, Zoe Karch, Annie Fischer (bottom/piggyback), Stacy Green (top/piggyback), Amy Brown

Back Row: Ann Fox, Martin Chavira, Melanie Smith, Cohen Morano, Zack Valdez, Cara Ernest, Timothy Moore, Joseph Lau

Tom Kinnee; director, Kesey Bucket List

"Fresh Ink" is an annual presentation of original one-act plays, all written,
cast and rehearsed "on the spot" (so to speak) using cues decided on by a committee.

(Actual program measures 5 1/2" x 8 1/2")

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