The Liliputians

Broad Street Theatre / Philadelphia / Monday, January 19, 1891

(Actual program measures 5 3/4 "x 9")

from Music in German Immigrant Theater: New York City, 1840-1940 By John Koegel:

"The German Liliputians toured the East Coast of the United States for eight consecutive seasons beginning in 1890, under the management of the Rosenfeld brothers. The public loved the comic antics of the singing and dancing German dwarves, and was able to follow the frantic action, comic songs and fantastic situations, even if they did not speak German, since the Rosenfelds sold bilingual programs with complex song texts to encourage both German and American attendance."

- Philadelphia Enquirer / January 16, 1891 (pg.6) -            - Philadelphia Enquirer / January 18, 1891 (pg.6) -            - Philadelphia Enquirer / January 23, 1891 (pg.6) -

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