The Old Soak

January 1, 1927 / State Theatre - Middletown, NY

(This program is for the silent film version of "The Old Soak", but I'm still looking
for a stage version and I'm including this here as a way of introducing both the theatre and the play.)


  • A comedy in three acts
  • Setting Baycliff, Long Island
  • Written by: Don Marquis
  • from Wikipedia:

    Donald Robert Perry Marquis (July 29, 1878, Walnut, Illinois December 29, 1937, New York City)
    was a humorist, journalist, and author. He was variously a novelist, poet, newspaper columnist,
    and playwright. He is remembered best for creating the characters Archy and Mehitabel, supposed
    authors of humorous verse. During his lifetime he was equally famous for creating another
    fictitious character, "the Old Soak," who was the subject of two books, a hit Broadway play
    (192223), a silent movie (1926) and a talkie (1937).

    Plymouth Theatre (Aug 22, 1922 - Aug 1923)

    The Old Soak (1926 - silent film)

    Stars: Jean Hersholt, George J. Lewis, June Marlowe
    Although 'The Old Soak' has been classified as a crime drama,
    it is (as was the original play) a comedy. The Old Soak is a 1926 American silent crime drama directed by Edward Sloman.

    The film stars Jean Hersholt, George J. Lewis, and June Marlowe, and is based
    on a 1922 Broadway play of the same title by Don Marquis.
    The play was later adapted into the 1937 release The Good Old Soak starring Wallace Beery.

    (Actual program measures 5 1/2" x 9")

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