The Puritan Maid

Thursday, November 15, 1883

This program is not dated, but according to the New York Daily Star
Minnie Madden was performing The Puritan Maid at the Novelty Theatre
in Long Island on Saturday, March 1, 1884. November 13th
(the date listed on this programs) fell on a Thursday for the year 1883.

"Turner's New Opera House" is still an unknown location.
While there were several venues by that name, at present
I'm having a hard time pinning down a suitable one to match
Minnie's touring times and routes. I've sent out emails to
several local historians and will update this as I get results.

*Note that this is not printed on the cover, but is an autograph made with a fountain-pen:

Minnie Madden (Fiske) began her stage career in 1867 --
at the age of three -- and played her last performance in 1930.

(Actual program measures 4 x 6")

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