The Shining Hour

Philadelphia / Broad Street Theatre / April 1, 1935

- Philadelphia Inquirer / March 31, 1935 / pg.63 -

On Broadway The Shining Hour opened Febuary 13 and played through May 1934
for a total of 121 performances at the Booth Theatre.

Note: As the article in the program explains, Rollo Peters was
an artist/ performer who had equal success as a designer.
(Although he was in several Broadway productions, he is not listed
in the Booth Theatre Shining Hour cast.
Raymond Massey played the part of David Linden on opening night.)

(Actual program measures 5 1/4"x 7 3/4" and is an example of "Depression era" programs -
no actual covers and badly printed on thin, very cheap paper that is aging rapidly.)

- Philadelphia Inquirer / March 28, 1935 / pg.13 -

- Zolya Talma -

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