Woman Never Vext

Theatre Royal / Covent Garden; London / November 9, 1824

- Robert Keely as Master Innocent Lambskin -

from Project Gutenberg

(The) legend of Lud Gate is also the foundation of Rowley's comedy
of A Woman Never Vext; or, The Widow of Cornhill,
which has in our times been revived, with alterations, by Mr. Planché.
In the first scene of the fifth act occurs the following passage:—

"Mrs. S. Forster. But why remove the prisoners from Ludgate?

"Stephen Forster. To take the prison down and build it new,
With leads to walk on, chambers large and fair;
For when myself lay there the noxious air
Choked up my spirits. None but captives, wife,
Can know what captives feel."


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