The Toreador

Academy of Music / Baltimore / January 5, 1903

On Broadway, The Toreador (a musical in 2 acts) played at the Knickerbocker Theatre
from Jan. 6, 1902 to May 3, 1902 for a total of 121 performances.

Broadway Production Credits:

Produced by Sam Nixon and J. Fred Zimmerman
Music by Ivan Caryll and Lionel Monckton
Book by James T. Tanner and Harry Nicholls
Lyrics by Adrian Ross and Percy Greenbank
Musical Director: Louis F. Gottschalk
Featuring songs by Paul Rubens
Featuring songs with lyrics by Paul Rubens, Robb, Leslie Mayne and George Grossmith, Jr.
Staged by Herbert Gresham
Scenic Design by Ernest Gros
Costume Design by Dazian, Madame Freisinger, F. Richard Anderson and Wilhelm

Setting: Biarritz and Villaya

Opening Night Cast

William Blaisdell (Pettifer)
William Broderick (Carajola, a Toreador)
Joseph Coyne (Sir Archibald Slackett, Bart)
Melville Ellis (Augustus Traill)
Robert A. Evans (Rinaldo)
Joseph Fay (Mr. Probitt)
Edward Gore (Governor of Villaya)
Jennie Hawley (Donna Teresa)
Christie MacDonald (Nancy Stauton)
Adele Ritchie (Dora Selby)
W. H. Thompson (Bandmaster)
Maud Raymond (Mrs. Malton Hoppings)
Queenie Vassar (Susan)
Harry L. Wallace (Moreno)
Francis Wilson (Sammy Gigg)

Chorus: Eleanor Brudell, Belle Chamberlain, Helen Chichester,Nonie Dore, Maud Furniss, Hermione Hazelton, Margo Hobart, Elizabeth Innes, Stella Krum, Sylvia Lisle, Essie Lyons, Margaret McDonald, Emma Millard, Sadie Peters, Mabel Redfern, Marjorie Relyea, Lucille Verna, Lillian Wallace