Empress Vaudeville

Clunie Theatre / Sacramento, CA / November 24, 1912

According to the "Anaconda Standard" of September 28, 1912, they'd had a "Successful and Popular Vaudeville Production Week Commencing September 28 with Lew Fields' Fun In A Barber Shop comedy, including the famous 'Manicure Girls,' with the 'Special Added Attraction Prince Floro, The Jungle Man, What Is He - Man or Ape?"

And so Sacramento was looking forward to:

"The season's vaudeville treats, each a remarkable offering, are in store for Empress patrons this week.
Lew Fields great tabloid musical Fun in a Barber Shop, the veteran's latest creation, by the way
has been booked as the headline for tho first time this afternoon.

“Duffy’s Rise,” presented by J.T. Leonard and Clara Whitney, is a miniature comedy, bristling
with unforced humor and human interest. The two artists who take part never overstep the mark
and leave the audience wishing for more amusement of the same caliber."

As a special added attraction Prince Floro of the Jungle is said to be a veritable paradox in that he
is a phenomenon - possessing the instincts of a being yet the physical characteristics of a beast."


  • Esther Murphy ("A Sacramento Girl")

  • Falls & Falls ("the dare-devil acrobats")

  • Howell & Scott ("Just Pher Fun")

  • Pritzkow & Blanchard (in "A Mixed Affair")

  • Leonard & Whitney (James F & Clara - "Duffy's Rise")

  • Glen Ellison ("England's Elite Entertainer")

  • Lew Field's "Fun In A Barber Shop"

  • Prince Floro

    (Actual program measures 4 5/8"x 12 1/4")

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