Florence Brady

singer / 1920s

Photo from Jim Lane's Cinedrome

"For some reason, during this young lady's nine-minute Cycle of Songs ('28) I had something of an epiphany.
Her name is Florence Brady, and she's just one of literally dozens of people in Vitaphone Varieties whom I,
who have been studying vaudeville history for nearly 40 years, have never heard of. She's nothing particularly
special, but she's not bad; she has pep and a nice voice, and she presents herself well to a camera that is not
entirely hostile (she's like a young Rosie O'Donnell who can sing, and without the overweening anger). But I
wondered: Did she make this short (and one other earlier in the year) because she was a name in vaudeville,
or because she hoped to become a name in vaudeville?

- from Jim Lane's Cinedrome

- Photo from Thomas Edison's Attic -

Florence Brady - "Oh! How he lied to me" - Diamond Disc 9115-A (1923)

  • Lowell Sun; Monday - March 5, 1923 (pg23)
    "Florence Brady has personality, a lot of it - and this is in evidence in her 'Miles of Smiles,'
    which is a vehicle of the smart type, with jazz thrown in to make it more attractive.
    From her first appearance to the final curtaln on her act Florence Brady will be a hit."

    The Daily Star (Queens Borough); Monday Evening - March 17, 1930 (pg4)

    R-K-0 Theatre (Flushing)
    "Florence Brady and Gilbert Wells follow (note: the 2 main acts) with a series of songs."

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    Los Angeles Orpheum Theatre / Vaudeville Program / July 22, 1928

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