Ora Carew

actress / 1910s-1920s

Ora Carew was born Ora Whytock in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 19, 1893. When she was 22 years old Ora played in her first film production
of Saved By The Wireless in 1915. Her work in the silent film industry was, for the most part, sporadic. She wanted roles her fellow
actresses received, but the plum roles went to better, more established actresses. But Ora toiled on. She continued in the mediocre roles
while at times she would get a part with a little more substance to it.

- Los Angeles Evening Express / March 17, 1917 (pg.4) -            - Los Angeles Evening Express / March 17, 1917 (pg.4) -            - San Francisco Chronicle / February 12, 1920 -

After Cold Fury in 1925 Ora retired from the film industry, although she obviously continued in vaudeville with her own company.

She died at 62 in Los Angeles on October 26, 1955.


Tulare Theatre Opening (Tulare, CA - 1927)

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