Elmer El Cleve

xylophone player / early 1900s

- Forth Wayne (IN) Journal-Gazette / September 20, 1918 (pg17) -

Listed only:

  • Palace Theatre: The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette; September 16, 1918 (pg9) - Brunswick Theatre: Brooklyn Life; October 2, 1920 (pg14) -

  • Lockport (NY) Union-Sun and Journal Mon. May 27, 1918 (pg7) / Shea's Theatre
    "Elmer El Cleve is one of vaudeville's beat xylophone players. He is a versatile entertainer with a 'Bit o'Scotch."

  • The Scranton (PA) Republican Mon. October 2, 1922 (pg12) / Poli Theatre

    "One of the world's greatest xylophonists will also be seen at the Poli the first half of the week.
    He is Elmer El Cleve, who has a very high class act."

  • Variety (pg28) Fri. March 3, 1922 / Washington DC Orpheum Theatre
    "The show is opened by Elmer el Cleve, who got over very well."

  • Billboard (pg26) March 18, 1922 / Keith's Palace Theatre (NY) -Reviewed Monday Matinee, March 13
    "3 Elmer El Cleve and his xylophone led the orchestra a merry chase in the second spot. Cleve is assisted, or rather hindered,
    by a song plugger from a box. It is really too bad that Cleve should stoop to anything so cheap."


  • Orpheum Theatre / Brooklyn / 1921

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