Jennie Pearl Larkins (formerly "Miss Jennie Pearl"

singer / early 1900s

Franklin's Paper the Statesman / Denver, CO / September 24, 1910 / Image 12


"Miss Pearl, formerly with Bobie J. Kemp in vaudeville and with D. H. Dudley as leading woman In Smart Set Co., is married to Happy John Larkins and they both are taking prominent parts in the Black Patti Co."

Evening capital and Maryland Gazette / September 14, 1911 / Image 3

Jolly John Larkins
After scoring triumphs in every city of importance in the United States and Canada, “Jolly” John Larkins and His Happy Flock of pretty girls and funny boys, in the new big musical comedy, “Royal Sam,”
are now en route on their tour which includes the United States, Canada, Mexico,South America and Cuba. The company consists of forty Afro-Americans, headed by “Jolly” John Larkins, lately co-star with
BlackPatti for four seasons, and reputed to be the funniest colored man alive; Jennie Pearl Larkins, late female support of the “Smart Set” Company for five seasons, and the best lyric soprano in the
United States; Irving Booth Allen, late of the “Smart Set” Company; Irene Tasker, Jas. A. Lillard, Ora Dunlop, Ethel Johnson, the dancing marvel; Anna Tyler, Ethelyn Cohn, Anita Wilkins and many more.
“Royal Sam” will be presented in its entirety, the same as it was during its run in New York recently, when it comes here to the Colonial Theatre on Monday. September 18.

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