Tom Lewis

comedian / 1920s

George M. Cohan and Tom Lewis in Little Johnny Jones

Providence Journal
April 11, 1905
Frederick H. Young,

"The real 'star' of the melodrama is Tom Lewis, who plays a nonchalant American detective.
He gives a genuine character impersonation, and about all the bright lines in the piece
fall to him. He knows what to do with them, and he and the chorus girls are the really
attractive features of 'Little Johnny Jones."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
November 10, 1912

"Mike Donlin and Tom Lewis, who are to enact a skit called 'The Ball Player and the Unknown,'
are American-born sons of alien parents. Mr. Donlin's forbearers being Irish and Mr. Lewis's Welsh...
In the skit with Mr. Lewis he (Donlin) is playing a straight part, while the comedy falls principally
to this falstaffian comedian. Mr. Lewis, by the way, is very pleasantly recalled as the principal feature
of George M. Cohan's The Yankee Prince and in various other Cohan shows has rendered such good account
of himself that his reputation in the Grand tomorrow is bound to amount to an ovation."

Pittsburgh Press
November 10, 1912

"Mike Donlin and Tom Lewis have thus far been splendidly successful in their little skit of the national game.
They began their season at Akron, O, played two weeks through the Buckeye State and on last Monday inaugurated
a metropolitan engagement at the Union Square Theatre. They were the hit of an exceptionally attractive bill
and it was generally conceded by the critics by the critics of New York as well as by the patrons of the theatre
that 'The Ball Player and the Unknown' is a skit far above the average; that Mr. Lewis is one of the most enjoyable
comedians on the American stage and that Mike Donlin has proved himself almost as good an actor as he is a ball player."

Brooklyn Daily Eagle
March 14, 1920
B.F. Keith's Bushswick
"Tom Lewis, the rotund and jocular comedian, will tip the audiences to several 'Pertinent Pointers'
about the League of Nations."

B.F. Keith Theatre / Washington, DC / March 22, 1920

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