Carl Randall

dancer/comedian / 1900s

Billboard (pg11): May 19, 1917 - from "NY Broadway Whispers"

"Carl Randal and Lucille Cavenbaugh will be seen together next season in a nifty dancing act.
           ...Randall formerly worked with Emma Carus and is an excellent comedian and nimble stepper."

Pacific Coast Musical Review, Vol. 32: A. Metzger, 1917

"Carl Randall and Ernestine Myers, both favorably known in vaudeville, will appear in a singing and dancing act which has proved an immense sensation in New York and the principal
           cities of the East. Mr. Randall first attracted attention in the musical production A Broadway Honeymoon with Emma Carue.
           Subsequently, she induced him to become her associate in vaudeville, and that engagement became so successful that Mr. Randall
           wisely determined to become a headliner in his own right. He succeeded in securing for his partner Ernestine Myers,
           whom Ruth St. Denis considers to be one of the most gifted of her protegees."

The (Kansas City) Independent, Volume 42, 1919: Orpheum Theatre

"...Miss Myers was last seen here with Carl Randall... in one of her artistic dance productions."

Vaudeville News: May 11, 1929 - "As We Go To Press"

"The roster of important vaudeville acts on Broadway this week includes...George Jessel,... Carl Randall,..."

Carl Randall and Jean Harlow


Orpheum Theatre / NYC / Vaudeville Program / December 5, 1921

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