Alvin Theatre

115 Sixth Avenue / Pittsburgh, PA

September 21, 1891, closed in 1933 / 2100 seats

- original Alvin Theatre facade, interior and green room -

from: Historic Pittsburgh:

Charles Lindsey built The Alvin Theatre, commonly referred to as "The Alvin", in 1891. It was named for Alvin Joslin, a character that Davis had played successfully in the 1880s.
This 2200 seat elaborate theater was located at 115 Sixth Avenue, Pittsburgh.

The interior was in the lush late Victorian style decorated in colors of light ivory, silver and gold toned with a delicate pink. There was also a large dome with an incredible
painting of seven allegorical figures. The Alvin Theater was operated by the Harry Davis Enterprising Company with feature productions of the Shuberts beginning in 1919. Thus, for
a while, it became known as the Shubert-Alvin Theater.

In 1931 Davis Enterprises was bought by the Stanley Corporation and the playhouse was converted into a motion picture theater in 1932. It was redecorated in the Modernistic Style.
The roof collapsed in 1940, but the house was rehabilitated and reopened as the J.P. Harris Theater and later known as the Gateway.

- view of Alvin Theatre location in 1937 ans the same view today -

Programs available from this theatre:

  • Uncle Dick (1898)

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