Ambassador Theatre

219 West 49th Street, New York City

  • Architect: Herbert J. Krapp
  • Owned by Shubert Organization
  • Capacity: 1,108 to 1,155
  • Opened: February 11, 1921

  • The Ambassador Theatre is a legitimate Broadway theatre located at 219 West 49th Street in midtown-Manhattan.
    Designed by architect Herbert J. Krapp for the Shuberts, the structure is unusual in that it is situated diagonally on
    its site to fit the maximum number of seats possible. Its external appearance, indistinguishable from many other
    Broadway houses, does not hint at the strange layout within. The building has been designated a New York City landmark.

    The Dumbells troupe outside the Ambassador theatre in New York City,
    where their show Biff, Bing, Bang was a smash hit in 1921

    (From Library and Archives, Canada; Toronto and Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, University of Toronto, c1980-1991. -- Vol. 4 No. 2 Fall 1983 -- Public Domain

    The theatre opened on February 11, 1921 with the musical The Rose Girl. The Shuberts sold the property in 1935,
    and for the next two decades it was used as a movie theater and television studio for NBC and the DuMont Television
    Network. In 1956 the Shuberts assumed ownership again and returned it to strictly legitimate use.

    Interior, ceiling and chandelier detail

    Programs available onsite from this theatre:

  • Applesauce / 1925
  • Queen High / 1927
  • Back to Methuselah / 1958
  • Compulsion / 1957

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