Bowdoin Square Theatre_

Boston (Scollay Square) / 1500 seats / built in 1892; demolished in 1960's

The Bowdoin Square Theatre (est.1892) in Boston, Massachusetts, was a playhouse and cinema.
It was located on Bowdoin Square in the West End, in a building designed by architect
C.H. Blackall. Personnel included Charles F. Atkinson and William Harris.

Although it seems to have lasted into the 1950's, I can find no information on it's demise.

from Always Something Doing; Boston's Infamous Scollay Square:

  • pg.31: "The Bowdoin used to have local talent shows. It was just like you see in the old movies. If the audience didn't like somebody
    they had this big hook, which would come out from the side of the stage and pull them off. I won a dollar for singing Rosie O'Grady
    one night. I couldn't keep it, of course. I had to give it to my family."

  • pg.92: "Well, the Bowdoin Square Theatre is the first place I ever worked when I started as a waitress...the war was on: there was nothing but sailors."

  • Programs available from this theatre:

  • Hands Across the Sea (1893)
  • The Silver King (1894)
  • Kerry Gow (1895)
  • An Irishman's Love (1899)

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