Garrick Theatre (1960s)

152 Bleecker St.; New York, NY

Opened May 24, 1967 on the second floor above Cafe Au Go Go.
Some shows produced were: The Child Buyer (12/1964),
Colombe (2/1965), Absolutely Free (5/1967).

In the 1960s rock bands ("Mothers of Invention," "Country Joe and the Fish," etc.) were
using the theatre for rock concerts. Another performance space on the second floor above
the Cafe Au Go Go was also rented out to bands for a short time in 1967.

By the 1970s the building that contained both the Garrick Cinema and the Cafe Au Go Go
(as well as the old residence hotel on the corner of Thompson) were demolished to make
way for a new mid-rise apartment building with a Capital One Bank branch at ground level.

Programs available from this theatre:

  • The Believers (1968)

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