Mansfield Theatre / NYC

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The Mansfield Theatre, now known as the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, is located at 256 West 47th Street in Manhattan.

It was designeded for the Chanin brothers as the second in their new chain of theatres in 1926 by architect Herbert J. Krapp.
In 1945, Michael Myerberg bought it and leased it to CBS for television productions and was called CBS Studio 59,

In 1960, it was renamed after the former New York Times theater critic, Brooks Atkinson, and returned to legitimate use.
The Nederlander Organization purchased part-ownership of the Atkinson in 1967.

In 2000, the interior was refurbished with restored decorative finishes by EverGreene Architectural Arts, and now the
theatre is once again illuminated by the original chandelier that had been removed over 40 years prior. It has 1,069 seats
and is one of the Nederlander Organization's nine Broadway houses.

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Programs available from this theatre:

  • Anna Lucasta (1946)

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