Pastors 14th Street Theatre

143 E. 14th Street, at Irving / New York

(aka Bryant's Minstrel Hall, Germania Theatre, Olympic Theatre / Built: 1868, Closed and demolished: 1928)

- (L) 1881 - (center) 1895 - (R) 1900 -

In 1881 Pastor leased the Germania Theatre and renamed it Tony Pastor's New Fourteenth Street Theatre, announcing that it would be "catering to the ladies, and presenting for the amusement of the cultivated and aesthetic Pure Music and Comedy, Burlesque, and Farce."

Tony Pastor

(In the musical Hello, Dolly!, the song "Put On Your Sunday Clothes"
includes the wonderful line, "We'll join the Astors at Tony Pastor's.")

Tony Pastor's, as it came to be known, played variety shows until 1908. It was the most popular New York theatre of the 1880s, paving the way for the theatrical ventures of the impresarios B. F. Keith and Oscar Hammerstein, but by the first years of the twentieth century theatergoers had gone northward to venues in Times Square.

In 1908 the Fourteenth Street Theatre became a motion picture theater; the same year, Pastor decided not to renew the lease. He died in August of that year.

(photo from Tony Pastor: Father of Vaudeville)

- exit diagram from 1889 program -

Programs available from this theatre:

  • Pastor's 14th St. Theatre (November 18, 1889)

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