American Vaudeville Troupe

(believed to be) Fort Collins, CO. / c1917


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Very little information is given on this program, and it's in a fragile state which indicates it might be from the
WWI paper shortage. It seems to be from a military base, and by tracing the history of the only person I was able to find
information on - Frank J. McEniry - my best guess is that it's from Fort Collins, CO between 1917 and early 1918.

- Fort Collins, located in the Colorado State Agricultural College (now Colorado State University) -

According to the Denver City Directory of 1923, Frank J. McEniry was a field rep for the Co-Op Electrical League,
(r 4 2857 Humbolt) at that time. On May 10, 1918 he had left Hoboken, NJ on a transport ship (Ryndam) as a private,
1st class with a group of clerks headed for the war in Europe. On July 23, 1919 he returned as a Sergeant first class
on the Minnisotan.

The article on the left shows there was a troupe in the area during this time, and the article on the right shows the military was encouraging entertainment on the bases.

- Fort Collins (CO) Express / February 8, 1922 (pg4) -                      - Larimer Co (CO) Independent / Fort Collins / January 25, 1918 (pg5) -

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