Brahams Shadowgraphs

Shadowgraphs / 1880s-1900s

The evening world., April 13, 1889 (Extra 2pm edition, pg.3)

Worth's Palace Museum (14th Street)
"Louis L. Brown and the Brahams in 'Shadowgraphs." New York Press: Sunday Morning; APRIL, 14, 1889

Worth's Palace Museum (14th Street)
Louis L. Brown and the Brahams "Shadowgraphs"

November 10, 1889

"Miss Bessie Bonehill continues to be a leading attraction
at Tony Pastor's. She will appearthis week,
in addition to the Brahams with their "Shadowgraphs..."

Variety 1907 (pg.18)
—The Brahams, shadowgraphs tried their new act last week
and received offers for the coming season.

Tony Pastor's 14th Street Theatre / NYC / Vaudeville Program / November 18, 1889

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