Dynes & Dynes

novelty jugglers / 1900-1910s

Scranton Republican (Scranton, PA); May 7, 1905
Klark-Urban Company (Academy of Music); "Dynes and Dynes, club jugglers"

New York Dramatic Mirror; May 26, 1906 (pg19)
- from vaudeville scheduling: "Dynes and Dynes -Howard, Boston. 21-20."

Variety; February / 1907 (pg14)
Boston Theatre; Fall River, Mass. (R. Benn, mgr.) (listed)

Variety; February / 1907 (pg19)
St. John, V. B. Canada Keith's Theatre (F. Guy Bradford, res.) (listed)

New York Clipper; May 16, 1907
- from vaudeville scheduling: "Dynes and Dynes; Gem, Lynn, Mass 11-16"

New York Clipper; May 18, 1907 (pg357)
Boston; Palace Theatre (listed)

New York Tribune; February 20, 1908 (pg7)
Tony Pastor's Theatre (listed)

Billboard; November 14, 1908 v20 (pg28)
Massachusetts Puritan Theatre (listed)

Variety; December 1908 (pg27)
Hartford, Conn. Scenic Theatre (H. C. Young,mgr.) "...Dynes and Dynes are excellent jugglers and club swingers"

Variety; October 1908 (pg29)
Puritan Theatre; Fall River, Mass. (Fred Hooper, mgr.)... "Dynes and Dynes, club jugglers, excellent"

Scranton Truth (Scranton, PA); August 30, 1909 (pg5)
- from vaudeville scheduling: "Dynes and Dynes, comedy club jugglers"

New York Clipper; May 25, 1912
- from vaudeville scheduling: "Dynes & Dynes, Bowdoin Sq, Boston"

Reading Times (Reading, PA); October 28, 1912 (pg3)

Reading Times (Reading, PA); October 30, 1912 (pg4)
- from vaudeville scheduling (Orpheum): "Dynes and Dynes are seen in a comedy juggling ac interspersed with some catchy song numbers"

Reading Times (Reading, PA); March 31, 1913 (pg6)
- from vaudeville scheduling (Hippodrome / "Macy's Models"): "Dynes and Dynes will add their juggling skills for the first three days."


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