Elmer El Cleve

xylophone player / early 1900s

- Forth Wayne (IN) Journal-Gazette / September 20, 1918 (pg17) -

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Palace Theatre: The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette; September 16, 1918 (pg9) - Brunswick Theatre: Brooklyn Life; October 2, 1920 (pg14) -

Lockport (NY) Union-Sun and Journal
Mon. May 27, 1918 (pg7)
Shea's Theatre

"Elmer El Cleve is one of vaudeville's beat xylophone players.
He is a versatile entertainer with a 'Bit o'Scotch."

The Scranton (PA) Republican
Mon. October 2, 1922 (pg12)
Poli Theatre

"One of the world's greatest xylophonists will also be seen at the Poli the first half of the week.
He is Elmer El Cleve, who has a very high class act."

Variety (pg28)
Fri. March 3, 1922
Washington DC Orpheum Theatre

"The show is opened by Elmer el Cleve, who got over very well."

Billboard (pg26)
March 18, 1922 Keith's Palace Theatre (NY)

(Reviewed Monday Matinee, March 13}

"3 Elmer El Cleve and his xylophone led the orchestra a merry chase in the second spot. Cleve is assisted, or rather hindered,
by a song plugger from a box. It is really too bad that Cleve should stoop to anything so cheap."


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