Franklyn and Charles

comic-acrobats / early 1900s

New York Clipper (pg9)
June 21, 1922
New Brighton

"Franklyn and Charles did just as good as they usually do. Their Apache burlesque drew plenty of laughs,
and the marvelous gymnastic bits went over to heavy applause."

September 2, 1924


Charles Douglas Accused Partner of Secretly Rehearsing

"A vaudeville partnership, of 11 years' standing between D'Amour Franklyn and Charles Douglas came to a parting
of the ways when Douglas accused his partne, at a hearing last week before Pat Casey, of having secretly rehearsed
a new partner while he (Douglas) was away for two weeks on a vacation.

The act was originally known as D' Amour and Douglas, but in recent years a was a big time standard comedy acrobatic
combination under the billing Franklyn, Charles & Co. Douglas told Casey that the '& Co.' Miss Truesdale (Mrs. Franklyn)
the pianist, was the cause of the breach through having demanded a $10 increase above her $SO salary with the act.

Douglas stated his partner, the 'understander' of the act, took the properties from his trunk during his absence and
accepted bookings under the old team name. Casey ruled against the use of Douglas' name since the comedian is no longer
a member of the act.

Douglas is rehearsing the same routine with a new partner. Dougglas claims to hove originated the routine, although It
was a proposition between both partners.

D Amour Franklyn explained that, although they worked 70 weeks out of 52 the season of 1922-23 (through doubling), he
could not afford to take a vacation like Douglas did.

Douglas also objected to Miss Truesdale receiving a salary increase, stating the act was all right before the
pianist's advent."


Orpheum Theatre / NYC / Vaudeville Program / December 5, 1921

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