Gertrude Dion Magill & Co.

stock troupe / 1900s-1910s

Fitchburg Sentinel (MS); October 1, 1902

Allentown Leader (PA); April 20, 1903

Scranton Republican; May 21, 1903

Brooklyn Daily Eagle; March 22, 1908

"The Outlaw's Christmas' will be presented at the Columbia Theatre this week...
The company includes... Gertrude Dion Magill..."

The Englewood Economist; February 12, 1912

Topeka Daily Capitol; March 21, 1916

"On the Novelty bill... a playlet, 'Checkmated'. In the cast are...Gertrude Dion Magill..."

Fitchburg Sentinel (MS); July 2, 1935

"Miss Duncan Repeats Hit In Park Play"
"...Gertrude Dion Magill... did their best to make the second attraction ring true."

  • Los Angeles Pantages Theatre (1911)

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