the Holman Brothers

comic Swedish gymnists / early 1900s

Listed Only:
Keith's Theatre, Boston (Nov, 6, 1905) - Orpheum Theatre, NYC (Nov. 30, 1908) - Franklin Theatre, Chicago (Nov. 20, 1910) - Boston University Journal of Education, 1907; Volumes 65-66 ("The Holman Brothers, horizonal bar comiques...") - opening of Weeghman's Hippodrome, Chicago (June 12, 1915) -

From Mary Miley's notes on her own 1909 Franklin Theatre program:

"Last come the Holman Brothers, Swedish gymnasts who mixed comedy with their routine.
Iím pretty sure it was slapstick comedy, as opposed to telling jokes.
Why? Because of their position on the program. The last act was almost always a 'dumb act'
(dumb as in silent, not stupid) because the audience began to
leave during the last act, a rude practice that made lyrics or dialogue unintelligible."


  • Family Theatre; Lancaster, PA (1909)

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