J. Aldrich Libby & Katherine Trayer

musical skits / 1900s

Mr. James Aldrich Libby: Singer James Aldrich Libby (c. 1872-1925) made the song, "After the Ball," a hit, selling over five million copies of the sheet music, when he sang it in Hoyt's comedy, A Trip to Chinatown in 1893.

New York Times: May 11, 1902 "Brief Stage Jottings... A testimonial to Louis Hurtig, Tresurer of Hurtig and Seamon's
Music Hall, will take place on Monday June 2. The bill offered will comprose vaudeville
headliners. Among those who have already volunteered their services for this gala event
are... Libbey (sic and Trayer..."

Variety 1908 (pg.33) - listed at the Orpheum; Zanesville, OK)

10:27 AM 2/25/2013 Wild West and Vaudeville, April 1904 - September 1908 By Will Rogers
- "J. Aldrich Libby & Katherine Trayer (In their Musical Melange,
'Buffalo Bill and the Lady'

Proctor's Newark Theatre Vaudeville Program / February 29, 1904

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