Joe & Sherman Trennell

acrobats / early 1900s

The (NY) Reading Eagle (pg26)
Fri. February 11, 1921

"Joe and Sherman Trennell in a very good assemblage of 'Bits From Circusdom,'
full of fun, variety and acrobatics."

New York Clipper (pg11)
January 11, 1922
FIfth Ave. Theatre

"The Thursday matinee held a capacity audience at this house In spite of the bad weather...
Joe and Sherman Trennell opened the show with an acrobatic offering"

- The Charlotte (NC) News (pg15) - Thurs. September 28, 1922 -

The Scranton Republican (pg12)
Sat. December 27, 1924
Poli Vaudeville

"As an opening number Joe and Sherman Trennell with Virginia Crisp, present a unique oddity "Fifi."

Milwaukee Sentinel (pg22)
August 10, 1926
Majestic Theatre

"A snappy song and dance revue, one that differs enough from the usual performances to make it
worthwhile heads the Majestic program this week... 'The Man From Peoria' - although the last
number - ranks among the foremost in point of excellence. Joe and Sherman Trennell and
Virginia Crisp are the cast."


Orpheum Theatre / NYC / Vaudeville Program / December 5, 1921

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