Lucas & Inez

adagio dancers / 1920s

Chicago Tribune; April 2, 1922 (pg2)


San Francisco Chronicle; February 25, 1923 (page 6)


Strangely, the April 25, 1920 (Orpheum Theatre) and March 25, 1923 (Golden Gate Theatre)
San Francisco Chronicle issues each have the act billed as "stunt aerialists."



Fort Wayne (Indiana) News & Sentinel; Saturday - November 22, 1919 (p12)

(- listed at the Palace Theatre)


  Bakersfield Californian; January 22, 1927 (pg7)


Five Super-Acts Hip Bill Today
Lucas-Inez, Dancing Revue, Head Program of Novelties

Lucas and Inez, famous West Coast super-feature attraction in "An Art Classic Adagio," head today and tonight's

great five-act program at the Hippodrome Theatre. This attraction, said to be among the highest paid on the newly-

organized West Coast vaudeville units which are booked in 30 of the largest California cities, is remarkable for its

beauty and artistry. The team just returned from a foreign tour where it played the largest cities in Europe,

and it appeals to the finest instincts of every nationality and race.

Tulare Theatre / Opening Night Program / March 18, 1927

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