Maud Earl & Co.

musical comedy / 1900s-1920s

Fletcher Norton and Maud Evans

The San Francisco call., September 15, 1912

"Jesse L. Lasky, whose name as a producer has been associated with more vaudeville successes
than any other one man, has a new offering which will top the Sunday program. It is called
'The Antique Girl. It is a musical comedy in brief and is made up of music and comedy, pretty
girls and elaborate scenery. A company of 16, headed by Fletcher Norton, Maud Earl and Doris Wilson
will interpret the piece which was written by William Le Baron and its music composed by
Robert Hood Bowers."

The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) March 19, 1916

"Fletcher Norton and Maud Earl present their original song sketches with dance trimmings.
They are cleaver musical comedy stars who are scoring a big hit in vaudeville. Miss Earl's
gowns are striking and they will attract much attention from the fair sex."

The New York Clipper; August 1917

"New acts have been written for the following by Harry H. Richards...
and special songs for Maud Earl of Norton and Earl."

(Kansas City) May 12-18, 1918: The Week's Events

"Orpheum this week...Maud Earl and company, in 'The Vocal Verdict'..."

New-York tribune., May 23, 1920

Maude Earl and Co. at the Orpheum

These two photos date to the late 1894 and 1905. I'm not sure if they are of the young Maud Earl
at the beginning of her career as an act with her sister of another Maud Earl.

B.F. Keith's Theatre / Washington, DC / Vaudeville Program / March 15, 1920

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