May Floyd

singer-dancer / early 1900s

- Norwalk (Ohio) Evening Herald / Mon. August 10, 1908 (from "Electric Theatre" ad) -

"May Floyd" being such a common name, I was unable to sort out all the many references I found during the period
possible by this performer. Names were not registered at the time, and often there were more than one performer
listed under their own birth names, which could be similar if not identical. ("May" being a very popular girl's
name in the early 1900s.) I am including some references I found, although one may be unrelated.

- New York Times (pg8) / Sun. June 3, 1900 -

- Boston Sunday Globe / November 23, 1902, Boston, Massachusetts -

- Norwalk Daily Reflector / Monday, August 10, 1908, Norwalk, Ohio -

- Tuesday, February 23, 1909, New Castle, Pennsylvania -


First Street Theatre / Parkersburg, W.VA / Vaudeville Program / Mon. March 26, 1900

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